The 5- Night Western Caribbean
Model - Photographer
Cruise and Portfolio Shoot

The Format

1. Each morning, as per a published shooting schedule, our entire group will leave the ship together as a group and proceed to various shooting locations.

2. Photographers will be offered free instruction and mentoring as to how to utilize the various surroundings, structures, colors, and available lighting at each location, as requested. Photographers will learn posing techniques, how to direct a model, where to place the model into a specific scene, how to properly meter for near perfect exposures, and how to capture near perfect images in the camera. This instruction is optional.

3. Photographers will work in pairs (or individually if the situation allows) with models in 40-minute increments. This time starts when you and the model head off to shoot and check out with my assistant, until you return and check back in. Those that cannot stick to this 40-minute time frame compromises the integrity of the event and the shooting times for the rest of us, and may be asked to sit out for a 40-minute session.

4. Photographers will be required to provide ALL models with images as spelled out on the model release if you have photographed them. Afterall, that's why they're here.

5. We will be shooting fashion, lifestyle, swimwear, commercial, and anything else that's allowed in public places as well as on the ship. There will be absolutely no nudity or semi-nudity allowed during our scheduled shooting times or in any public areas, PERIOD! Anyone caught breaking this rule or encouraging or inticing nudity during our event will be eliminated from the group for the remainder of the event with NO refunds. Save the nudity for behind closed cabin doors in the privacy of your stateroom. We will not let anyone compromise the efforts of those that worked so hard and to those that committed to be a part of this event.

6. Models may be hired prior to, or after, our normal published standard scheduled shooting times, at whatever compensation the photographer and the model agree to. These additional times will be at the models' and photographers' willingness, and are not part of the included pricing or models' and photographers' responsibilities.

7. We will be enjoying dinner as a group each evening, late dinner seating (8:30pm), in the formal dining room.

8. Check back here occasionally for updates.

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